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Membership Fees: Payable in December, the dues are $50 per year (prorated) plus a one-time registration fee of $25. A prospective member may attend two meetings as a guest. Their lunch will be compliments of the PBN of Salina organization on their first visit. The second visit will be the responsibility of the guest.

Officer Elections: December.
Office Term: January to December.

  • Prospective members complete and submit an application and interview form for the Membership Committee to review. The Membership Committee completes the screening process and notifies the prospective member of the committee’s decision before the next scheduled meeting.
  • The Membership Committee notifies the President.
  • The President announces all new members at the beginning of the next meeting, following their acceptance by the Membership Committee.
  • The new member pays their pro-rated dues to the Treasurer.
  • The new member then submits their photo and company information to the Web Designer so that we can create a member profile for this website.

Addendum to current PBN policies Title of Addendum: Monetary Standards

As a professional referral group, it is imperative that the group maintains strict monetary standards. As such, all members are required to stay current on any financial obligations with other members of PBN. Should any member become delinquent in their financial obligations, and that matter is reported to the board, the delinquent member shall be notified in writing of that complaint, and they will then have 30 days to bring their account to current. Failure to remedy the delinquent account shall result in the termination of membership in PBN.