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Code of Ethics:

I will be sincere with my fellow members and referrals; both those I am referring and those that are referred to me.

I will build kindness and credence amongst members of PBN and their referrals.

I will adhere to the ethical codes of my profession.

I will hold my obligation to follow up with referrals sent to me.

I will display a genuine demeanor and contributory approach with my fellow members of PBN Salina.


Addendum to current PBN policies Title of Addendum: Monetary Standards

As a professional referral group, it is imperative that the group maintains strict monetary standards. As such, all members are required to stay current on any financial obligations with other members of PBN. Should any member become delinquent in their financial obligations, and that matter is reported to the board, the delinquent member shall be notified in writing of that complaint, and they will then have 30 days to bring their account to current. Failure to remedy the delinquent account shall result in the termination of membership in PBN.